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Celebrate US VegWeek with Avery and Gotham

In honor of our New York Times bestseller The Oh She Glows Cookbook, Avery and Gotham are taking the pledge and participating in US VegWeek 2014.

US VegWeek 2014 (April 21-27) is a weeklong celebration exploring the many benefits of vegetarian eating—for our health, the planet, and animals. Restaurants and businesses across the country are promoting the week, events (cooking demonstrations, movie screenings) are being held in major markets, and elected officials (Henry Waxman, Tammy Duckworth) are taking the 7Day VegPledge.

Join Avery and Gotham in taking the pledge, be it by going completely vegan for the entire week or for a meal or two, and sharing your progress and photos on social media. The Oh She Glows Cookbook is here to help you get started with tips on stocking your vegan pantry (as posted on Well+Good) and delicious recipes (as posted on Prevention). Going Veg in New York? Serious Eats has a great list of vegetarian restaurants!

Follow Avery and Gotham’s journey:

The Oh She Glows Cookbook is the highly anticipated cookbook from Angela Liddon, one of the most popular vegan bloggers on the internet. In this delectable debut, Angela shares her approachable, non-processed, real-food plant-based recipes, and demystifies veganism along the way. Featuring over 100 seasonal and healthy vegan recipes and gorgeous color photography throughout, The Oh She Glows Cookbook also provides information about the nutritional benefits of ingredients (like kale: vitamins K, A, and C contribute to a clear complexion!). Warm, approachable, and packed with delicious treats, The Oh She Glows Cookbook will appeal to vegans, omnivores, flexitarians, chocolatarians, and all the rest.